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Yin Yoga Classes in Oxford and Oxfordshire

Sundays 11.30-13.15 Yin Yoga @ YogaVenue, Oxford

Yin Yoga releases stress, elongates muscles and fascia and provides a counterpoint to hectic modern life.
This class is designed to work deep into the muscles and connective tissue to increase flexibility and joint mobility. We will stretch from head to toe while finding a bit of focus, patience and release in the mind as well as the body. This type of yoga is geared towards all students from those that want to deepen the meditative side of their practice, students working with injuries or chronic conditions to athletes that want to find more flexibility!

The Yin Yoga classes are suitable for ALL levels of experience and ability including complete beginners.

Upcoming Workshops

Past Workshops

Meridians, Yin and Yoga @ Downdog + Crow, Woodstock.

Qi is the circulating life force of the universe and the central principle in traditional chinese medicine. In humans qi is conducted around the body via subtle energy channels. These energy channels, called meridians in the Chinese system or nadis in the yogic system are believed to run throughout the electrically conductive fascia of the body. Slow stretching of the fascia as we do in yin poses, stimulates the meridians, helping to clear blockages and promote healing within the body.

In this workshop we will explore the pathways of the main meridians through the lens of yin yoga. We will learn about the links to internal organs and how to stimulate the meridians using the yin poses. Throughout the workshop there will be an emphasis on cultivating stillness in mind and body to allow a deeper awareness of the subtle energies within the body to develop.

Harmony for Hips @ YogaVenue, Oxford.
Modern life is hard on the hips. Long periods sitting, repetitive sports and everyday wear and tear can combine to leave hips tight, stiff and sore.

Join me in this 2 hour workshop, where we will target the hips from all sides with long slow yoga stretches to reduce tension and stiffness. We will also use some self massage with tennis balls to ease out trigger points in the muscles and increase circulation.

Yin and Healing Breath @ Downdog + Crow, Woodstock.
Stress and muscle tension are intimately interlinked. It is common for the body to store physical or emotional stress as areas of muscle tension particularly in the neck, lower back or pelvis. If these are not releases, over time the body can create more inflammation which in turn creates more tension perpetuating the cycle even when the original stress has gone.

The slow gentle stretching of yin yoga can be very helpful for easing ares of long term tension, particularly when combined with 'softening breath'. In this workshop we will explore how to breathe with the whole body , then how to focus the breath into different ares of the body. We will combine the softening breath with Yin yoga to allow the body to release and unwind.

Softening Stiff Shoulders @ YogaVenue, Oxford.
Modern life is hard on the shoulders. Stress, long periods sitting and everyday wear and tear can combine to leave shoulders tight, stiff and sore.

In this workshop we will use soft flowing movements (based on Qi Gong) and long slow yoga stretches to reduce tension and stiffness. We will also use some gentle strengthening exercises to help switch on underactive muscles and reduce the load on overactive ones, leaving the whole shoulder girdle feeling lighter and freer.

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