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"Kate works magic with her scientific and yogic expertise. My two visits were for pelvic and shoulder pain. The pain was stopping me from having a good night's sleep. Kate is adept at finding the problem areas with her touch and her knowledge of physiology helps to dispel the pain. Using various techniques she managed to hold the pain whilst my body and mind felt safe to relax."  Dina
"I can't thank Kate enough. She was the first physio to diagnose and actually correct the underlying cause of  my back pain, rather than just fobbing me off with generic exercises.Kevin

"Excellent physio that eased my complicated knee pain."  Sarah

" I have two chronic medical conditions which have many complications, sometimes disrupting my own practice. And yet, with Kate’s classes, I seem to walk away feeling lighter and often without the pain I started with. I really appreciate how she has delicately and subtly adapted poses for me- with much genuine medical success! I do believe she will successfully guide all types of students, but I feel she has a natural empathy especially with those, harbouring chronic or intermittent conditions, in mind, body and soul."  Mel
"Kate has researched breathing exercises specifically to address my acid reflux, and after three sessions I can feel a definite improvement. Her background in science gives her a deep understanding of the anatomic and physiological implications of the asanas that she uses extensively in her teaching." András.
"I really enjoy practicing with Kate. Besides her professionalism she has a special energy which makes me relaxed and happy - so important with my packed  life schedule." Anna
"I have had private and group classes with Kate and have loved both. She is an incredibly intuitive teacher who matches and adapts what she is teaching to each individual. I recommend her highly!" Becky

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