Yoga Therapy

If you are working with a medical condition or towards a specific yoga posture or goal then yoga therapy is for you. Sessions are tailored to your unique body and needs

My approach to one to one classes is holistic and creative.  In addition to my yoga knowledge I  use my background in science and sports massage training find the best pathway for you. Depending on your preferences sessions can include yin, hatha or restorative yoga poses along with pranayama/ breath work, qi gong and meditation.

Yoga truly is for EVERY-BODY and can cause powerful transformations in mind, body and spirit. Along with the more obvious benefits of relaxation and increased flexibility and strength, yoga also works on a much deeper internal level. Yoga asanas and meditation can stimulate internal organs, the parasympathetic nervous system and more subtle energies within the body. Yoga therapy sequences can be tailored to target existing medical conditions such as chronic pain, pelvic pain, IBS, acid reflux, lower back pain, inflammatory conditions and many others.


1 Hr session in my home studio: £50

Please email me at for information and availability.

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