Interferential Therapy (IFT)

Therapeutic low frequency currents work on your body at a cellular level to boost your healing and reduce pain.  Frequencies are carefully selected for the desired effect; for example, improved circulation, pain relief, reduced inflammation, immune boosting, accelerated bone and tissue healing.

IFT is a painless (the most you will feel is a pleasant tingle), non-invasive treatment which is highly effective and very versatile.  It can be used to help traditional musculoskeletal issues, such as:

Muscle and joint pain 
Herniated discs, 
Nerve inflammation inc. sciatica and carpel tunnel syndrome
Speed healing of fractures, sprains and strains 
….and many more.

Additionally, because IFT  influences immune and inflammatory pathways at a cellular level,  and can penetrate deeper into your body than other forms of electrotherapy, it can also be used to treat conditions associated with systemic inflammation or dysfunctional immune responses  in your body, such as IBS, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hay fever and other allergies.

Unsure if IFT would help you? Please get in touch with me at kateryanbiz@gmail.com for more details or to schedule a no obligation chat.

IFT & Ultrasound Combination Therapy

This is one of my favourite treatments for chronic muscle tension or trigger points. Works amazingly well on the shoulders, but is also great for calves and quads and hamstrings too. The ultrasound treatment head acts as a moveable electrode, which enables me to precisely locate and treat the areas where you hold the most tension.

The technique works in 3 ways:
1. Stimulates muscle contraction to painlessly fatigue and release chronic trigger points 
2. The interferential current is tuned to a frequency which relives pain + inflammation.
3. The ultrasound boosts blood supply and pliability of the muscle, aiding healing


IFT or IFT + Ultrasound treatments can be included in physiotherapy sessions at no extra cost. 

IFT ONLY sessions – suitable for treating IBS. arthritis, or hay fever and allergies (best results seen with regular treatment over a period of weeks):

1x 40min session £40
5x 40min sessions £180 block booking save 10%
10x 40min sessions £350 block booking save 12.5%

To book message me at kateryanbiz@gmail.com


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