Is Your Migraine a Pain in the Neck?

Would you like to get rid of your migraines?

Did you know up to 84% of migraines can be attributed to dysfunction of the upper neck vertebrae (C1-C3)?*

👀 Hold tight for the science bit 👀

Disorder of these vertebrae can sensitise the underlying brainstem and nerves which supply the head, inner ear, eyes etc. Research has found that treatment of the upper 3 spinal joints DE-sensitises the brainstem** and significantly reduces symptoms over 4-5 sessions.

From this research a specialist manual therapy technique has been developed which: 
1. Identifies the root cause causing your migraine symptoms
2. Temporarily reproduces your symptoms to confirm and treat
3. Resolves your symptoms by de-sensitising the brainstem.

Interested? email for more info or to book an initial appointment. 

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