Meditation and Biophotons: Cultivating Inner Light

We are all beings of light. Our cells emit low intensity 'packets of light' called biophotons, in the UV and visible regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.[1]

Yes you read that correctly, humans emit light and not just any kind of light. The biophotons we emit are highly coherent and can communicate with themselves and their surroundings on a quantum level [2]. The full scope of  biophotons within the body hugely complex and still not fully understood, but we know they are a key method of cellular communication[3] and may even explain the unification of cells within the body[4]. Suddenly the traditional image of a meditating yogi radiating light in perfect harmony with themselves and the universe doesn't seem so far fetched after all!

Except that levels of  biophoton emission seem to be the opposite of what one might expect. Biophoton emission is actually lower than average in regular meditators [5] and higher than average in those who are sick [6] and on the affected side of stroke patients[7]. Almost as if  our inner light drains out of us when our bodies are under stress.

The explanation seems to lie in our DNA. One of the major discoveries of Fritz Albert Popp, the pioneer of biophoton research, is that DNA is a major source of biophotons. Popp found that biophoton emission increases when our DNA unwinds[8]. This unwinding can happen as a result of:

  1.  Cell growth where the DNA splits to allow its information to be duplicated.
  2.  Cell death when the dead cells are broken down by the body  
  3.  Damage to the DNA itself due to toxic chemicals or radiation. 

So what does this mean for us as meditators? Simply put this even more evidence for the healing benefits of meditation! Regular meditation reduces inflammation[9], and free radical levels in the body. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that damage cells and DNA. Lower free radical levels lead to less cell and DNA damage, and decreasing biophoton emission[5]. In modern life our bodies are being bombarded with free radicals like never before from pollution, pesticides, certain food additives, cosmetics etc.The power of meditation to reduce the impact of these chemicals on our systems and potentially help heal or reduce the risk of inflammation related disease should not be underestimated.

Another amazing property of biophotons is that they can be influenced by our intention. A study in  2012  found that when subjects actively imagined light in a very dark environment their intention produced significant increases in biophoton emission from around their heads[10]. This is huge as it is strong evidence that we can influence physical process with the power of our minds. Again this links back to meditation and has implications for our potential abilities to direct healing around our bodies.

To conclude, biophotons are an amazing, hugely complex and surprisingly under researched phenomenon of life. They are in overarching cellular communication, a measure of health, potentially instrumental in healing and can be influenced by our minds. There appears to an amazing synergy between their properties and the effects of meditation. And again meditation is proved to have enormous benefits for our wellbeing with the power to protect and harness our inner light.


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